Like most other patients that must be using this service, I was curious about my health parameters. A family history of heart disease and now approaching 60, I thought I’d put my mind at ease. Took my results to GP for clarification, but grateful for the quick service. A. J. Watford

This was my only way to know if the Flora PRO Activ was working for me or not! Certainly beats wasting days going down the NHS route. C.H Finchley

I’ve been taking Wellman tablets for a while now, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Wellman blood test. Very pleased with my results and thanks for the great service. A. W. London

I had a niggle my low energy levels might be due to anaemia and not wanting to wait to see my GP and then schedule a separate appointment for a blood test and a separate to discuss the result, I simply visited London Blood Test Clinic and asked to get my Iron levels checked out. Later the same evening my results were ready. Fantastic. Z.F. London

I have been feeling tired for a while now, from reading online I thought to get my blood level and thyroid tested. Able to walk straight to the GP with my report, I must have saved a few days bother? Fantastic convenience. C.B. London

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